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Reed Alexander's Delicious & Nutritious Dishes and Fitness Tips

Kitchen-less Dishes!-Columbia Univ

Reed Alexander at ColumbiaRecently, we had the amazing chance to hang out at New York City’s prestigious, historical, all-around super kewl Columbia University! Columbia is a hallmark of outstanding education in the United States, so to have the opportunity to visit the sprawling campus, chat with the incredible Jacki Bryk, university student and host+pioneer of the popular on campus Columbia TV station, share nutritious recipes, and address the 7,000+ student community, was a huge highlight and thrill while we were in New York City! Jacki is an inspiring personality who rejuvenated and reinvented Columbia TV to lend students a helping hand in finding a resource for informative, current, up-to-date info on all things university life, college solutions, and, of course - NYC! On Jacki’s program Super U, which takes up the role of student-guide, offering tips and ideas for making life on the Columbia campus good-for-you by reducing stress, cracking the code when it comes to eating well, and overall, feeling great. No doubt – these students are getting an A+ when it comes to achieving that goal! All the more, they’re on a roll, even minus a dorm room kitchen! Please join us in the clip below as we take a look at Kewl Kitchenless Dorm Room Solutions for college students (easy, fast pantry stapes, quick-fix recipe go-to’s, and effective tips-in-a-pinch), straight from KewlBites!

Naked NuggestI was so excited to share one of my all-time favorite heat-and-eat dishes – 1-minute-in-the-microwave, oven/stove-top/grill-ready, enormously delectable Naked Nuggets, all-nature, 100% bread-free pre-frozen chicken nuggets that serve as the perfect instant meal or base for a tantalizing, multi-layers-of-flavor taste-bud event. These nuggets, “Naked” due to the lack of added breading on the outside but best-of-the-best thanks to the guarantee of moisture and flavor in every bite, have been specifically engineered, formulated, meticulously designed, by the famous, extraordinary team
by New York and Las Vegas’s renowned chain of Blue Ribbon Restaurants. If you’ve tapped your chopsticks together in
downtown’s Blue Ribbon Sushi restaurant, picked up a sweet pastry at Blue Ribbon Bakery, or savored another tantalizing bite in any of the company’s awesome restaurants, then you know what you’ll be encountering when you open up a bag of these Naked Nuggets. For more information, virtually jog over to www.BlueRibbonRestaurants.com.

No need to matriculate to take advantage of these by implementing them in your own life; before you know it, you’ll by strolling across the campus quad of success!

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