KB_logo_ticker     Lisa Lillien ‏@HungryGirl My pal Reed Alexander’s #KewlBites Cookbook launches September 3rd. Wanna check it out? Here’s the link!… http://fb.me/2kdamTnBW 
KB_logo_ticker     SarahTota ‏@justsimplysarah @reedalexander so when you do go on tour for your book signing you’ll announce it right bc I would not want to miss when you come to Boston
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KB_logo_ticker     illy USA ‏@illyUSA Looking forward to it. RT @reedalexander: @illyUSA Have an amazing Labor Day! Getting ready to launch the #KEWLBITES Cookbook 2013!
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KB_logo_ticker      Little Miss No Name ‏@littlemissnonam @reedalexander We can’t wait to receive our copy of #kewlbites :D And hopefully I can bring Banana out to see you on your book tour!
KB_logo_ticker     Carla Pojo ‏@Carla_Pojo Words cant describe him! Its one of the most amazing celebs ever! He gives so much love for his fans! Congrats @reedalexander Love you! <3
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KB_logo_ticker      Noa ‏@Supernoskians @reedalexander do you love The Netherlands? Bc we love you!! Xx
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Reed Alexander's Delicious & Nutritious Dishes and Fitness Tips

Book Tour: Behind the Scenes

BehindTheScenesNow you’re cruising into the heart of the KewlBites HQ, as we pull back the cyber curtain on one of the biggest projects we’ve been “cooking up” – no pun intended – and now serving up to our readers across the country.

As I countdown to the launch of my debut cookbook, KewlBites: 100 Nutritious, Delicious, and Family-Friendly Dishes, published Rodale Books and launching nationwide on September 3rd, 2013, our super KEWL KewlBites team has been working hard to gear up for an exciting three-month tour that I hope will revolutionize the way America cooks, eats, shops at the grocery store, and engages in a healthy relationship with delicious food and recipes.

It’s a very “full plate” of work, so to speak, but it’s so much fun and I am really looking forward to releasing my official KewlBites Cookbook Tour Dates in the coming days. Planning a book tour is super fast-paced, as I’m quickly discovering, and a team effort between our extraordinary and dedicated partners at the publishing powerhouse Rodale, and my colleagues at KewlBites who help to bring the site to life. Not only will I be visiting major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., but I’ll also be veering off the trail a bit to visit destinations like Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Cleveland. Along the way, I will be honored to team up for exciting and interactive events with some of my favorite Food Network stars, celebrity chefs, and icons in the world of TV, delicious & nutritious eats, and entertainment.

Some highlights I can share: I’ll be hitting the airwaves on many must-see TV show and stopping at lots of Market District, Williams-Sonoma, and Whole Foods stores along the way, and I’d love to meet you and your family. So come on out and join us to pick up a copy of KewlBites, take some pictures, taste yummy bites (the kewlest kind, of course!) straight from the pages of the book, ask questions, and hang out at what promises to be a blast!

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