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Steeping It Up With Melissa

Melissas-TeasSo, many of you guys know how much of a huge fan I am of Melissa d’Arabian — superstar chef and author extraordinaire, host of the Food Network’s outrageously popular and practical TV show Ten Dollars Dinners, author of the New York Times best-selling cookbook of the same name, and presenter of Cooking Channel’s Drop 5 Lbs with Good Housekeeping! Not only is Melissa extremely talented as a chef, wielding her trained-in-France culinary skills and unbeatable taste-buds expertly both on air and in print, but she’s also a busy mom of four daughters who understands how to live, shop, cook, and eat on a budget successfully and deliciously, and make the very most of it — and then some!

What I didn’t realize, until very recently, was that, in addition to our shared love of food and our cyber friendship on Twitter, we also are both major tea fans! At home, I have a special pantry dedicated exclusively to a selection of about 25+ teas sourced from all over the world, and I steep them from morning ‘til night. In Melissa’s family, drinking tea goes back a long way, and she’s made her mother-daughter afternoon tea celebrations at Christmastime an annual tradition.

Recently on FoodNetwork.com’s official blog, Melissa opened up about her tea pedigree, which reminds her of spending time with her mom in her hometown of Tuscon, Arizona, and she imparted her sweet and sip-able tips for brewing up her refreshing “Spa Tea” — diverse, freshly-steeped concoctions created by infusing her favorite flavors like mint, strawberries, ginger, and more.

You HAVE to check out Melissa’s post on FoodNetwork.com! Not only does it promise to make you laugh through its nostalgic and cheerful memories (it’s a great read), but it will also arm you with the good-for-you beverage knowhow you need, whether you’re hoping to KEWL off from the summer heat, or take a step back from soda and other carbonated soft drinks, by brewing up your own personal pitcher of Melissa’s inventive and irresistible Spa Tea.

Click here to surf over to Melissa’s FoodNetwork.com blog entitled “Summertime and the Sipping Is Easy.” Otherwise, scroll down — we’ve including the full blog below!

Follow Melissa on Twitter! @MelissadArabian
…and be sure to check out Melissa’s cutting-edge website, www.melissadarabian.net!

Plus, check out another of Melissa’s awesome contributions to KewlBites.com, a super fun Q&A interview as part of our exclusive Kewl People series. Get to know Melissa and her clever tips and insight for cooking and eating as a family by clicking here.

Here is Melissa’s article below…

Summertime and the Sipping Is Easy

By Melissa d’Arabian
Posted on FoodNetwork.com’s FN Dish Blog

Check out Melissa’s article by clicking on this link:

I grew up in Tucson, Ariz., and summertime meant one thing: drinking sun tea. My mom constantly had a huge jar of water with teabags sitting on the hot concrete in our backyard, blinding sun beating down on the teabags. She was a purist: She brewed it so strong the tannic acid was mouth-puckering and she drank it unsweetened, without even a slice of lemon. I would drink the tea with only a few ice cubes to cut the taste, sitting alongside my mom, just treasuring our time alone together, two ladies sipping tea on a hot summer day.

Now that I’m an adult, I’ve developed my own palate for unsweetened flavored waters (which is what tea is really, right?). I love water with a hint of flavor because it refreshes without being boring. Plus as a bonus, flavored waters make me feel like I’m at a spa — for a lot less.

Try it yourself: Throw a few pieces of fruit and maybe some fresh herbs into a pitcher and add water. (By the way, if you make a lot of spa water, buy a handy pitcher with a steeping basket attached. Just load the basket with fruit and herbs, and fill the pitcher with water.)

One day I had a radical thought: What if I combined the two loves? Spa water and iced tea — spa tea. After some trial and error, I learned two things. First, the tea must be weak in order not to overpower the spa-ness of the water. Secondly, my San Diego yard doesn’t get hot enough to make sun tea reliably. So I make a single cup of tea (with a kettle) and it flavors the whole pitcher.

Here’s how to make spa tea:

1. Make one large cup of strong tea. I like herbal teas, green teas and aromatic teas best. Today I made three different tea waters. I brewed green mint tea, plain green tea and chamomile-lavender tea. A huge advantage to starting with a hot beverage is that I can dissolve in a smidge of sweetener, if I’m so inclined.

2. Spa Tea Ingredients Pick two or three ingredients to flavor the water. Fruit and herbs work great, but don’t forget about other aromatics, such as fresh ginger-root, cinnamon sticks or scraped “used” vanilla beans.

3. In a large pitcher or jar, combine the brewed tea (cooled with an ice cube or two), the flavorings, water and ice.

4. Stir and serve — preferably in a nice footed glass (as my grandma used to say, “Life is short so use the good china”).

Here are flavor combinations I’ve made recently:

Green Mint Tea + Watermelon + Mint Leaves

Green Tea + Scraped Vanilla Bean Half + Ginger Slices + Drizzle of Maple Syrup

Chamomile Lavender Tea + Blueberries + Sprig of Rosemary

And to show you the cool steeping pitcher, I made spa water:

Strawberries + Pineapple + Basil Leaves

Melissas-Teas2Thank you to fan Ron Pratt, who asked about new ideas for flavored water on my Facebook page. Your question led to my trip down memory lane, this post and to my fridge being stocked with spa tea.

Read more at: http://blog.foodnetwork.com/fn-dish/2013/07/summertime-and-the-sipping-is-easy/?oc=linkback

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