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Stepping Up to the Plate — and to the Lunch Line

newsCheck out this super kewl article from USA TODAY, entitled “Schools hungry to improve taste, nutrition of lunches”! Here, writer Christopher Doering describes a new trend in school lunches – making kids just as important in the decision-making process.

The article (a must-read) describes how one Virginia school was host to a taste-test of over forty nutritious recipes that might make it onto the regular menu, if the tough critics – in this case, the hungry tasters – say they fit the bill.

It is fascinating to hear from Prince William County’s Director of School Food and Nutrition Services, Serena Suthers, the behind-the-scenes details of what goes into picking what’s available in the cafeteria everyday. She explains, “For each new food item, we look and say ‘can we afford this, is it good for them, does it meet all the new food requirements, those kids of things, but what’s really important is are they going to buy it if we put it out there.” So ultimately, a huge role is assigned to students, and how interested they are by certain items on the menu.

This reminds me of my recent campaign with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. In tandem with the Alliance, for which I am honored to serve as an Ambassador, I created a special menu of healthy and tasty lunchtime recipes to be served in school cafeterias. We test-piloted these recipes, just like the process described in the article, which is engaging local schools, in several school districts, and the response was amazing. We received incredible feedback! Today, those recipes are kid-tested and kid-approved, and are served to over 30 million students in more than 15,000 schools at lunch!

I believe that empowering kids is crucial, and giving them a voice inspires them to take a leadership role in their well-being. So step up to the plate – no pun intended! – and take control! In the interim, be sure to take a look at this great article from USA TODAY!

Doering, Christopher. “Schools Hungry to Improve Taste, Nutrition of Lunches.” USA Today. Gannett, 05 Apr. 2015. Web. 03 Aug. 2013.

When diners at an exclusive food tasting recently noshed on sesame green beans and flame-roasted redskin potatoes, they weren’t celebrating at the area’s newest culinary hot spot.

Instead, these gourmands were huddled in a high school cafeteria sampling nearly 40 delicacies that could soon become permanent items for thousands of children who eat lunch and breakfast in this Northern Virginia school district each day.


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