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KB_logo_ticker     SarahTota ‏@justsimplysarah @reedalexander so when you do go on tour for your book signing you’ll announce it right bc I would not want to miss when you come to Boston
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KB_logo_ticker      Little Miss No Name ‏@littlemissnonam @reedalexander We can’t wait to receive our copy of #kewlbites :D And hopefully I can bring Banana out to see you on your book tour!
KB_logo_ticker     Carla Pojo ‏@Carla_Pojo Words cant describe him! Its one of the most amazing celebs ever! He gives so much love for his fans! Congrats @reedalexander Love you! <3
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KewlBites Awarded “Best Cookbook in USA!”

the Tower of the Fragrance of the BuddhaBREAKING NEWS!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! KEWLBITES Cookbook Named Best in the USA!

I’m delighted and honored to announce that, after thousands of copies of KewlBites flew off the shelves at bookstores nationwide thanks to YOU GUYS — our amazing readers who picked up my new book and stocked in it your kitchen — my first-ever cookbook, KewlBites: 100 Nutritious, Delicious, and Family-Friendly Dishes, has been named “Best in the USA” by Gourmand International, the prestigious organization that publishes the acclaimed Gourmand Magazine and hosts top-tier international cookbook festivals every year. This incredible award reaffirms all of the reasons why I initially set out to write this book and I couldn’t be more grateful to have received it or to have the support of all of our super kewl KB fans!

Plus, here’s Kewl News Headline #2… Each cookbook that won as “Best” in its respective country will be acknowledged at a special banquet and awards ceremony taking place at Gourmand International’s global Cookbook Festival in May 2014, which is taking place — guess where?! — in Beijing, China! Set amidst the backdrop of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, the world’s elite cookbooks will be recognized side-by-side, and dozens of other exciting, jam-packed events will be unfolding throughout the multi-day event. And we’ll be there, on the ground in the Chinese capital, to bring you all of the updates and moment-to-moment highlights from the Beijing Cookbook Festival, which will bring together thousands of premiere authors, editors, and leaders from the international culinary community’s creme-de-la-creme publishing houses.

Travel + food + KewlBites = the equation for May 2014! So come along and join us on this globe-trotting adventure celebrating KewlBites and all of the other extraordinary cookbooks that have been selected by Gourmand International’s nominations committee, and we’ll see you in Beijing!

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