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Reed Alexander's Delicious & Nutritious Dishes and Fitness Tips


Hi! Welcome to KewlBites! My name is Reed Alexander. You might know me as the author of the upcoming KewlBites Cookbook, launching September 3rd, 2013; or maybe through my work with President Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama. Or, maybe still, as the infamous arch-nemesis “Nevel” on Nickelodeon’s hit TV show iCarly (yes, that’s me!). I created KewlBites for the purpose of sharing “bites” of healthy lifestyle information that I’ve compiled, which really work for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to surf over and check out this digital database! I invite you to join me in making your health a priority.

why I created this website

About four years ago, at age 14, I decided I wanted to feel better and look better. I was tired and I could tell my energy level was off. I also lost sight of how to eat right and wasn’t making great choices about the foods I was eating. I knew I was overweight and I didn’t like how I looked in the mirror. I come from a family where my grandparents suffer with diabetes and heart disease. In fact, around that very same age, my father’s uncle passed away from heart disease. He was very young. It was a tragic experience and it was a critical wake-up call for me not to wait until I got older to take care of myself. Although my health and eating habits had become a priority for me several months before his death, I knew now that good eating habits and always treating myself properly were going to be essential for the rest of my life.

When I originally started researching how I could lose weight on the Internet, I was so confused. Where to turn? Programs targeted at adults weren’t right for me. I couldn’t find anything that was designed for kids. I wasn’t so interested in going on a diet, because I realized that I’d eventually have to go off of it at some point. What would I do then? I also really wanted to be able to eat the foods I like. I’m a major food lover and my home-away-from-home is the kitchen! I needed to be able to incorporate all kinds of foods into my life and to be able to enjoy cooking with my family. Whatever I was going to do had to be practical, too. How was I going to go to a friend’s birthday party, or out to dinner, or do anything else that I wanted, while having an amazing time losing weight and getting in control of myself? How was I going to find the right balance to satisfy all the things I was looking to do? What was I going to do in order to integrate fitness into my lifestyle?

So, I decided to improvise, and make my own way. I love to read, so I dove into an array of great material about nutrition, health, recipes, calories, fat, exercise, and more. I started thinking about eating with common sense. I began putting together shopping lists of food and ingredients that I wanted, and asking my mom or dad to pick up the things on my lists from the grocery store so that I could make different meals or snacks. I was experimenting, and it was so much fun! In fact, I thought of myself as a “kitchen chemist,” turning my culinary command center at home into a veritable science lab, complete with a test-tube spice rack – no Bunsen burners, unfortunately!

I started losing weight, sleeping better, looking better and feeling better overall. I remember going out to events and people noticing the changes that I’d made. Naturally, it made me feel fantastic! My new choices were working. Hooray — I was so excited!

When people asked about how I lost the weight and how I learned to make better choices, I realized that it was not just one single thing that helped me to achieve my goals. It was a combination of many things I’ve learned and continue to learn.

Since then, I’ve been honored to team up with extraordinary organizations and personalities, such as President Bill Clinton’s Foundation and its largest domestic program in the United States, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, where I’m delighted to serve as an Ambassador. In tandem with the Alliance, in 2012 I developed a special menu of delicious and nutritious lunchtime recipes optimized to be served at school, and which were kid-tested + kid-approved with resoundingly positive results. Soon after, those very same recipes were launched in more than 15,000 school cafeterias across the U.S., and now are cooked and eaten by more than 30 million students in all fifty states everyday! I’ve been able to join forces with First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House Let’s Move! campaign, and to spearhead its dynamic Let’s Move! Salad Bars to Schools initiative in collaboration with Whole Foods Markets and the brand’s nonprofit Whole Kids Foundation. Along the way, I’ve joined some of my favorite chefs, experts, and personalities both on the stage and on the air, including superstars like Rachael Ray, Melissa d’Arabian, Sunny Anderson, Ingrid Hoffmann, and more.

Plus, it’s been a huge privilege to cook live in the Studio 1A kitchen as a regular guest on NBC’s TODAY Show, and to work with the brilliant teams at NBC News, ABC News, FOX News, CNN, CNN en Español, Univision, Telemundo, PEOPLE Magazine, USA Today, the Associated Press, and many more, to be able to share my recipes and my message. I’ve even gotten to brandish my whisks, pots, and pans in my second language, Spanish, appearing as a guest on some of the world’s foremost en español TV platforms that are beamed into hundreds of millions of homes around the globe! ¡Qué divertido!

Now, there’s a brand new centerpiece at the KewlBites table – my upcoming, first-ever cookbook, to be published by Rodale Books! KewlBites: 100 Nutritious, Delicious, and Family-Friendly Dishes, hits shelves nationwide on September 3rd, and I’m looking forward to heading out on a cross-country tour which I sincerely hope will revolutionize the way America cooks and eats. In fact, you can reserve a special copy of your own before anyone else – a VIP edition of the KewlBites Cookbook – by pre-ordering it right here, right now!

Fast-forward to the present. In retrospect, when I dropped those first 15 pounds, I never realized that I would be embarking on a journey that would change my life, and hopefully others, as well. Getting the chance to visit schools, meet hundreds of kids and families, and see the reactions when fans of the site taste my recipes has been a source of tremendous pride and gratitude for me. Ultimately, my biggest thanks and appreciation go to you, the readers of KewlBites, who have submitted your questions, sent in your emails, responded with your Tweets and Facebook postings, and been enormously supportive throughout every chapter of our journey together. I’m excited to share what’s still ahead with you.

I always remind readers that I’m not a nutritionist, a doctor, a psychologist, or a certified exercise trainer. I’m just a kid. But I’ve put together this website, which is filled with information that’s worked for me.

My information doesn’t culminate a “diet,” per se. It’s information from various experts that has been really helpful in learning about living a healthy lifestyle. Please do not rely on me for any medical advice or health advice.

You should always consult with your doctor, certified medical expert, or certified fitness expert about your specific health issues and needs. I’ve developed lots of new tips and ideas that have been successful for me. Of course, some days are better than others. I always think of myself as a work in progress. I’ve managed to lose about 15 pounds and I continue to learn new things all the time. I’m always striving to take care of myself, and uphold what I’ve done. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned and show you what’s worked for me, here on this site! I hope you too have decided to take your health into your own hands! One of the best things that I know is that doing it can be so much fun! We can do it, one KewlBite at a time!

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